Sunday, May 25, 2014


I just finished up my second class from Clickin Moms: Intro to Natural Light. It's been great! Each time I've done a class, I've walked away with a new set of skills. This class has helped me to look & find the light- that's a phrase that I kept hearing before this class & had no idea what it meant. It's fun to see my photography getting better as I learn. :)

Last week, the theme was backlighting. I've always adored these kinds of photos, which I've learned are a bit tricky to capture. I struggle with underexposing my subjects but practice will only help. :) LOCATION is everything and the first night I went out, I didn't find the best spot (the trees here didn't diffuse the light enough) but I snapped some anyway:

The next night, Eric & loaded everyone up to try another park. These pictures turned out better- I didn't get backlighting in all of them but the golden hour definitely helped to create beautiful, warm colors. The children enjoyed playing at the playground before we all enjoyed walking on the paths. They especially loved running in the cool evening- what a fun way to end the day. I just love this man:

Sweet girls:

This little girl does not like the grass. After the first few shots, I noticed the mulch behind her head & decided to move her. You'll see she wasn't very happy with me (the second shot cracks me up):

I love how much he loves her & she loves him:

I ended the night getting some group shots. YAHOO! I have not been good about doing this and after attempting it, I remembered why. It's quite the challenge! But it's worth the effort & I'm going to try to do it more regularly. First, some sister shots (they kept being distracted by people passing by):

A group shot- this was the best one I got. I now know why we're paying our photographer so much money! :)

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Raymond Harris said...

So enjoy seeing the pictures. Glad that you like your new hobby. mom