Saturday, June 21, 2014

Educational Report: Week of June 15, 2014

My last educational report was on May 30. I'm not going to play catch up. Sorry. This wasn't a full week (Are you beginning to wonder if we ever have a full week? Me too! We use too... once upon a time!) but I'm glad that we've returned to the groove of a regular schedule on the days we do lessons. We enjoyed having Eric home Friday & that meant an unexpected day off! We went to the zoo with my mother & grandmother, who has been visiting for the month of June. We've enjoyed spending time with her- what a special treat for the children to have their great-grandmother around.

Reading Aloud: notta. Oh, wait! I've gotten back into the habbit of reading to the little girls (& usually Jonathan) before naps. (We use to do it before bed but now that Eric is reading The Hobbit, there is less time.) We finished The Racketty-Packetty House (Jonathan did NOT join us for this one) and we began Pilipinto's Happiness: The Jungle Childhood of Valerie Elliot.

Memory Time: focused on Classical Conversation stuff this week: 55 timeline cards + song, week 14 history sentence about the Songhai, science extension fact about the six types of microscopic organisms.

History: the younger children did a lesson on the second continental congress & Samuel Adams. They enjoyed continuing to add to their map of Revolutionary battles & also added to their lapbooks. Patricia listened to lectures about the Rise of the Party Spirit following the Reformation & the Uncivil War. She took a few opportunities & worked on her research paper. We're behind a bit but I think we will finish up on time (2 weeks away!). I'll continue to keep things light so we can focus on her history- we are planning the month of July off from history for her. She's loved Gileskirk but is looking forward to a break.

Science: notta.

Math: tiny bit. Patricia finished another level of Calculadder Drill.

Language Arts: Patricia & Benjamin finished up another vocabulary lesson. Everyone did spelling- Elizabeth was thrilled to finish the first level of All About Spelling. I need to order level 2! (I plan on having her & Jonathan do levels 1-3 & then they can move on to what the older ones do independently: Phonetic Zoo.) Jonathan & Elizabeth did a key word outline for the story, The Donkey & His Shadow. They will begin re-writing it next week.

Latin: Benjamin & Matthias worked on chapter 17, which covered the imperfect (past) tense verbs. Patricia did chapter 9, which covered the ablative case & uses without prepositions. We'll need to finish up next week because we didn't do lessons on Friday.

Logic: this week Patricia & Benjamin studied the petition principii (begging the question) and bifurcation fallacies. They'll meet with Eric today to discuss it.

Art & Music: we actually made it to a lesson this week! Yahoo! Patricia & Matthias have each started to practice a selection of music for their graduation recital in August. I'm excited to see them play 2 duets together. They are each playing a mix of Suzuki & reading music.

Faith: Benjamin & Matthias are working their way through this book, discussing about 2 lessons per week with Eric. Exciting!

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