Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Katherine Update

Yep, another post about Katherine. :) We have eight children & we adore every one of them but it's just so much fun to capture these beginning days! I am trying to be better about snapping pictures of the boys- they are the hardest for me to capture.

Anyway... first up, here is the view I see often nowadays (I tried to snap several pictures that day of Katherine playing but each time I did, she crawled over to me & pulled herself up):

As you can see, Katherine is standing. She also likes to walk along the side of the couch. She's our youngest to crawl & stand and I'm betting, she'll be our youngest to walk! Oh, and just look at all that hair. Yes, its a lot... at least, it's a lot for a Tully. In addition to more hair, Katherine also has two razor-sharp teeth. :( The look cute but they don't feel cute.

Crawling, standing, walking a bit... my days are BUSY chasing after her. One of her favorite spots to get into is the pantry door where she can pull down the canning jar lids. She LOVES to hear the sound of them crashing on the floor. Often, when she hears me open the pantry, she comes crawling over as fast as she can so she can do this:

I let her play because it keeps her busy for a few minutes. :)

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Raymond Harris said...

Oh how fast she is growing. Nice pictures . She is a keeper. Nanny