Friday, July 11, 2014

4th of July

Playing a bit more catch up today. :) The night before the 4th, I took the three little girls over to the square for some pictures. The main goal was to capture some of Emily. The circumstances were not ideal: I was feeling crummy from a sickness several of us battled that week. It was muggy & hot. Mosquitoes ate us up. BUT, I think I got a few good ones. I'm grateful that I can always go back & do it again. :)

Emily had a blast that night- she was all smiles & kept dancing:

Group shots were a bit tricky but you'll notice how much fun Emily found the whole process:

I'm glad she's enjoying being in front of the camera. For awhile, she didn't & that was bothersome. No worries now... but getting her to be still... well, that's another story! ;)

We enjoyed going to a parade on the morning of July 4th. God blessed us with mild temperatures all day- yahoo! There were lots of old steam engines- loads of fun to see but VERY LOUD & a bit smelly. An older lady gave the children some ear plugs but only Emily tried them:

Katherine was a bit unsure about the noise but I think it stressed out Eric more than it bothered her (I love how "mother hen" he is about the children- cracks me up! It's probably a good thing because I'm so laid back!):

The children were thrilled to load up on all the candy being thrown out to crowds. I chose to ignore the volumes they kept stuffing in their mouths. Abigail especially consumed a crazy amount! Everyone felt icky the next day & it's no wonder.

We enjoyed fireworks later that night with my parents but I didn't take my camera with me. It had been several years since seeing them, so it was really special. Elizabeth was hilarious to watch- she "ooo" and "awed" loudly over every one. She couldn't sit still but instead kept jumping up and down. Totally fitting- that girl is a firecracker of joyful energy! :)

We are looking forward to next year's celebrations! Hope you all had a wonderful 4th too!

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Raymond Harris said...

I would not change Emily for the world. She has so much smiles for everyone. Lizzie is a hoot, so glad to see how much she enjoys everything.
The fourth was a blast, but it will add another year for Russ, Dad and goes on.
Thanks for the lovely memories.
Love Mom