Thursday, July 10, 2014


About two weeks ago, we visited with Eric's brother and his family. It was good to catch up, eat (Rachelle was kind enough to cook for us all, which is no small task with the number of people we all add up to + food allergies for both families), watch the World Cup & play soccer in the backyard. I didn't attempt many pictures this day but I did pull out my camera when the little girls went outside to play bubbles. All of the noise, running children & bright sun had Katherine feeling a bit unsure:

Cousin Julia loves to get in time to snuggle with our babies:

My attempts at a group shot were pretty fruitless but it's still fun to look at these. You'll notice Cousin Alyssa is a bit uncooperative. :) But totally adorable:

And, yes. We're all 100% related- they're just blessed with tans while our children have translucent skin. :)

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