Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Quick Update- Saying Goodbye

I'm woefully behind with editing pictures & keeping up with our blog. :( My Aunt April & cousins are visiting from Michigan this week so we are enjoying a week's vacation. YAHOO! We needed a break- we've been working diligently at lessons (even though I've neglected to keep up with educational posts), so we've all enjoyed sleeping in a bit, getting out for fun activities or just hanging out & doing nothing. We are keeping up with piano, as Patricia & Matthias have their graduation recital this Saturday. I'll post pics from our visit later.

Part of my break from the blog world came because we had a very sick dog. For several weeks, Tres was sick with vomiting & diarrhea. (Sorry if that's too much info) When we took him in, the vet discovered he had pancreatitus. After two days on ivs & fluids, Tres came home & seemed to be better. Sadly, we had a very sick dog again a few days later. :( Tres went a week without eating & only drank when we forced him to by using a dropper to get a tiny bit of water in his mouth. During that week, Tres had several visits to the the vet with lots of tests & fluids given but no answer to what was wrong. As Tres grew weaker & more sick, we knew we couldn't do anymore. We just couldn't afford any more tests or the exploratory surgery.

Last Wednesday, we made the painful decision to put Tres down. It broke our hearts! It was especially difficult to tell the children- oh, if only we could shelter them from being so sad! When we talked to the vet, he offered to pay for the surgery & if Tres recovered, adopt him out to a family. We were so thankful even though we were very sad to say goodbye. We took Tres to the park that morning:

From the beginning, Tres has been Eric's dog. In fact, the breeder told me that she wasn't going to sell me Tres until she met Eric. (WHAT?!?!) She said when she saw how much Eric loved him, it softened her heart. Tres really did love Eric the best:

It's been a few days since we had an update on Tres' condition but last we heard, he was in critical condition but recovering. The vet removed THIRTY ponytail rubber bands- many were embedded into his intestines. He had to remove several pieces of Tres' intestine & reattach it- a total of ONE FOOT in length. WOW! I feel AWFUL that we caused this- I had no idea of course but I still feel so bad. I also feel so thankful that our vet went to all of this effort to care for Tres. We miss him terribly but are thankful that he is being cared for.

Pray for us to be comforted- we miss our Tres! I'm grateful for family visiting & a break from lessons- both are helping as our hearts heal.

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