Friday, September 19, 2014


Abigail turned five this past Tuesday. She asked me recently if five was old enough to learn how to read. My reply was "Of course! That's why we've been learning your letters." She told me she was ready & wanted to hurry up. :) I hope she doesn't hurry up on growing up. :)

We'll see if this all translates into Abigail sitting still for a longer stretch of time during her lessons. I doubt it. This girl's attention span is pretty small. :) It's a hoot after having Patricia & Elizabeth, who could both sit morning till night doing lessons. But Abigail's loads of fun! She's also very affectionate & thrives on hugs and kisses. Love this girl!

Recently, she modeled for my friend's clothing line. She waited a long time for this day to come & she was so excited to be apart of it. :) I really enjoy it when one or more of my children can tag along with me when I take pictures & it's great fun when they model because I get beautiful images of them. (And usually awesome clothing because I end up buying what they wear.) Of course there are times when it's fun to slip away & shoot by myself but it's always a special time when I bring one or more of the children with me when I go out- whether that be photography, running errands or whatever.

I fell in love with the images we captured that day! First, a bit of dancing:

See how happy she was, which is a good thing because it's a lot of work to pose for so many shots:

Loved the light from this angle:

Oh, and the light here was yummy here too:

She was ready to RUN (modeling is a lot of work!):

By the way, you can find this amazing outfit here. I'm getting pretty excited for our family pictures in November, as Jill has been busy making our outfits. :)

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Jeanelle said...

I love the 1st picture on the stairs and the running pictures. So sweet!