Friday, October 17, 2014

Katherine: Busy, busy girl!

Eric mentioned that I need to take more pictures of Katherine. He's right but catching this little one is tricky. She's busy! She's walking now (still a bit wobbly but she's determined to do it). I even seen her try to run after her siblings but she fell immediately both times. But it won't be long.

Katherine is our first climber. Up the back of the couch, up into the dishwasher, up the chairs of the table (and on to the table if you don't catch her), up the piano. YIKES!!! This little gal needs constant supervision- if she's not with mama, she has an assigned buddy. She struggles to sit still- worship & teaching with her in your lap is exhausting. Having such a busy little girl is all new territory for Eric & I. The next few years is going to be fun. :)

I was thrilled when my friend needed a little model for her Etsy shop. I was finally able to capture some pictures of Katherine:

Let's GO (as we took these, I remember why we FIRED this little gal after her photo shoot! remember, she's busy!):

She would look at the rattle or the ring toy and THROW it:

Wardrobe fix:

She kept moving towards me at record speed:

A silver spoon & cup is so much fun. Once we gave her those, she stayed still a bit longer:

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heaven minded life said...

She's adorable!!