Saturday, January 17, 2015

Educational Report: Week of January 11, 2015

We were sick this week so we got very little done lesson-wise. By the time I finally caught up on Thursday with all the laundry, I was too tired to try to dig into a lot. Friday brought sunshine & warmer temps so we just did another light day of lessons & I let the children get outside to play. Hopefully, we can roll up our sleeves and get more done next week! It will all work out fine.

To make it simpler, I'll just list what we did vs each category like I normally do.

Covenant Classes: Due to illness, we were unable to make it. Patricia did write an essay on medieval courtly love. She said it was NOT her favorite subject. ;) Benjamin & Matthias continued to study Latin at home- they completed chapter 16 on numbers & should have started chapter 17 but we didn't. We will need to work hard next week!

Art & Music: No piano lessons. Does this count as art? Or how about this from Friday's hours of outside time:

History: Patricia & Benjamin listened to a lecture on the Constitution. They continued to read & write for history.

Language Arts: Benjamin & Matthias worked on spelling. Yeah for a self-directed program! I did the beginning lesson of Bible Heroes with Jonathan & Elizabeth. They wrote a key word outline about creation & then used the outline the next day to give a speech. They are eager for more! Jonathan & Elizabeth also did copywork this week- Psalm 110, which is there Scripture memory for Covenant Classes.

Latin: Patricia completed chapter 24: reflexive pronouns & reflexive possessive adjectives.

Math: I did several pages of word problems from the Challenging Word Problem book with Jonathan & Elizabeth. It was a fun change of pace for them & helped them to THINK a bit more vs just reciting math drill answers. Benjamin & Patricia just did Calculadder drill. :(:(:( I did work with Matthias a bit- we covered estimation.

Science: Patricia & Benjamin finished up module 11 & took their quiz on the basics of the human body. Jonathan & Elizabeth studied about the heart & blood.

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dawn said...

Sorry you were sick, looks like a pretty good sick week to me.