Saturday, January 24, 2015

Educational Report: Week of January 18, 2015

We got a good amount accomplished & the children's groove seems to be smooth. Mine? Well, not so much & I'm not sure what exactly it is. I do think I need to protect my quiet time a bit more- it's consistently been interrupted for a long time. I need some time each day ALONE in God's Word & prayer. I need some time ALONE to think or let my creative juices flow. :) PLEASE DON'T GET ME WRONG! I love everyone in this house- bunches & bunches! Anyway, I'll pray a bit more on how to order MY time & wait to see how the Lord directs. :)

In addition to lessons, we had several visits to the orthodontist & ophthalmologist. They're looking quite smart these days:

Covenant Classes: the children were thrilled to get back to their classes this week! :) Jonathan & Elizabeth studied about Central America & the Caribbean in their geography class. Benjamin & Matthias reviewed Latin for an upcoming unit test next week. For Patricia's literature class, she finished discussing Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. She also enjoyed doing a bit of debate- no surprise here that Tullys can argue. ;) For Bible, the younger children learned about the child of the Promise. I love how Pastor is showing them the importance of understanding the Old Testament to understand Christ! They received new memory work. Patricia continued to study the Shorter Catechism in her Bible class. She's excited to begin studying apologetic's soon.

Reading Aloud: library books only. Our new literature book arrived, so I'm excited to begin this!

Memory Work: yeah, uh... nothing beyond Scripture. Don't get me wrong- I'm THRILLED at how consistent Scripture memory has become for all of us! :) But, just like reading aloud, I want to make our memory time a priority each day... and I'm not... and I don't know why...

Abigail: Scripture memory & reading with mama. Lots of regular life learning this week!

Art & Music: we had a lesson with our teacher on Monday! :) At home, I started a new series of reading music with the children that has a lot of theory worked in. It was a joy to hear the stringed instruments this week!

History: For Gileskirk, we studied about the Constitution, Bill of Rights & George Washington. Lots of reading & writing. They should  have taken a few opportunities but we didn't have a printer. :( No history beyond independent reading for the younger crew. Matthias finished True To the Old Flag by G. A. Henty- he told me he did NOT like it because "it was slanted to the British's imperial view." :):):)

Language Arts: Spelling for most & copywork for the younger crew. Patricia & Benjamin both did one lesson of their Vocabulary from the Classical Roots books (he's in book A; she's in book B). Patricia did several practice skills from Sentence Composing for High School. Benjamin & Matthias read one chapter from Grammarland.

Latin: Patricia completed chapter 24 on reflexive pronouns & reflexive possessive adjectives. The boys finished chapter 17 about numbers & began a review chapter Thursday. I'm thrilled with the progress they are all making!

Logic: Patricia & Benjamin were excited to begin studying Argument Builder this week. I'm so glad Eric is leading in teaching this! They studied chapter one: foundations & a general overview of logic and rhetoric. In chapter two, they studied the four idols of logic: idols of the tribe, idols of the cave idols of the marketplace and idols of the theatre.

Math: it was a tough week for Patricia. We simply had review all week but she seemed to struggle. :( Praying for wisdom to help her. Everyone else continued with several lessons. Not as many as I had hoped for due to no printer.

Science: Benjamin & Patricia finished module 12 on energy & life. None for the rest of us.


dawn said...

Love the pic. Looks like a fantastic week!

Raymond Harris said...

My how every one looks so cute, smart looking . LVM