Friday, January 09, 2015

Remember When? Elizabeth's Curls

Last night, as I sorted & organized pictures, I had an idea & decided to start a new series this year that I'll post every Friday. I'm going to post a few (or a lot- you know me!) pictures from years gone by. There's just so many memories & pictures! It's so much fun to look back & remember. :) Some memories bring tears but it's good to remember those days too.

Most of these pictures will be from a time BEFORE I had a DSLR or knew anything about photography. Most come from before we had a blog. It's going to be fun!

Today's pictures are of Elizabeth. I had forgotten how adorable her curls were when her hair was short. I also forgot how tight her curls were! Wasn't she adorable?


dawn said...

Reminds me of this post:

Has it really been since 2010 that the kids have seen one another!?!? We should do something about that.

Tully Family said...

It's been far, far too long, Dawn! Our girls look so much alike in those pics you shared & I just love the hair! :)

Raymond Harris said...

Oh for those curls, the years goes by so very fast. Such lovely times. Enjoy them all each day, soon they will be gone. A mother who has seen her children now having children. Lv Mom