Saturday, February 21, 2015

Educational Report: week of February 15, 2015

We've finished our 7th week of lessons & are looking forward to a break next week! Yahoo! Well... it's sorta a break, which isn't ideal but since the children are apart of a co-op, they'll need to keep up with those lessons. They will not attend classes, however, because Patricia & I are traveling to Texas for a graduation. :) We also have a makeup piano lesson Monday. I'm thrilled to take a step back from most of our lessons & hopefully get some thinking/refining done before I leave Wednesday night. We dug in & did some MAJOR deep cleaning today- the house had been sorely neglected these past two months!

This was a short week- we basically only had two days of full lessons. We had an ice day with no power on Monday so little got done. Thursday was co-op so only half a day of lessons at home. Friday I was sick, so no lessons that day beyond some independent work by my older three. Again, not an ideal way to end before a break but it will be okay!

Covenant Classes: Jonathan & Elizabeth studied about Western Europe in their geography class. Patricia's literature class continued it's study of Canterbury Tales, as well as some grammar about sentence structure. They have a paper due on CT next week, so Patricia's working hard to have it done before Wednesday! :) Benjamin & Matthias took their unit 5 Latin test last week & I saw they were in need of more review. After talking to their teacher, she decided to have the entire class spend a week reviewing, especially their grammar. I'm so glad! Patricia's Bible class finished up studying the Westminster Shorter Catechism & will begin an apologetic study next week using the book Always Ready. The younger children continued their study of the Old Testament's promise of a suffering Savior. They are suppose to finish memorizing Isaiah 53.

Memory Work: review week. And boy, am I glad since we had so few days of lessons!

Abigail: simple living & loving.

Art & Music: I rescheduled our piano lesson for next Monday because of my pregnancy sickness. Art is one area I'm trying to build on over break next week. I'm really hoping a few from families will join us for art but I'm not sure they have time in their schedules.

History: Patricia & Benjamin listened to a lecture on the presidents Adams & Jackson, read & wrote in their journals & worked on memorizing the second of the Bill of Rights. We should have covered a few more lectures, so we'll listen to & from piano on Monday. :) For the younger crew, we read just bit of George Washington's World, this week learning about the English & Spanish colonies, the Spanish & Pueblos of New Mexico, King Fredrick of Prussia & Johann Sebastian Bach. Of course, we listened to Bach! :)

Language Arts: Copywork, spelling & Explode the Code for Matthias, Jonathan & Elizabeth. Benjamin & Matthias read chapter 3 of Grammarland. Patricia continued sentence composing, Patricia & Benjamin finished lesson 5 of their Vocabulary from Classical Roots books. We only read My Side of the Mountain once. :(

Latin: Patricia will revisit this when we come back to lessons. :)

Logic: waiting for Eric. :)

Math: flashcards & Challenging Word Problems for Jonathan & Elizabeth. He's ready to move on but she needs to get faster with her facts! Matthias finished an entire unit on multiplication & division. Nothing new but it's good to solidify those basics! Benjamin's math was also review of adding & subtracting four-digit numbers, so we worked on a lot of mental strategies to see how fast (& accurate) he could go. Patricia worked on dividing & adding fractions. Our printers been broke, so they've missed Calculadder drill sheets.

Science: Patricia & Benjamin began module 14 of General Science. This module covers the human respiratory & circulatory systems. Did you know you're blood isn't blue? :)


dawn said...

That looks like quite a good week for one with so many disruptions.

Tully Family said...

:) My older ones accomplished a decent amount. It's my younger set that suffered the most. But I know it will all work out in the end!