Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Happy birthday, Jonathan!

Yesterday, we celebrated Jonathan's 9th birthday! Happy, happy birthday!!! No big celebration- just peppermint frosted brownies with family but we all enjoyed playing Fill or Bust. Jonathan requested a trip to the Tennessee Aquarium for his birthday (otters are his favorite animal) but we have to wait to go on the 14th. It will be fun! For his birthday meals, Jonathan chose the following: baked oatmeal for breakfast (The store had no gluten free oats so I bought packets of GF instant oatmeal. Oh, yes I did. The children LOVED it. Errr!), beans & rice with lots of hot sauce for lunch & pulled pork with sweet potato fries.

Here are some pictures (camera & iPhone) from yesterday:

Uncle Russell (as well as Papa & Nanny) came for dessert & gifts:

This game is a family favorite, so we were all excited to have a new one:

Katherine was READY for more:

When I went to download pictures from my phone, I found that Katherine had taken her first real selfie. Isn't she adorable? :) She's even trying to smile for it- hilarious!!!

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