Saturday, May 30, 2015

Camping with Daddy

Last night, Eric took the girls (minus Katherine) on a father/daughter campout with our church. :) I'm so in love with this man!!! Camping isn't his thing (there's dirt & bugs) but he's learning to embrace it for his children. (He took the boys last year to the father/son campout.) They all had a blast & sent these fun pictures:

Sugar rush:

SO HUNGRY for food in the morning:

Missed my sidekick but I'm happy she got some time with her daddy. Eric said she was scared when it was time to sleep (the others clunked out immediately):

Methinks Patricia will be taller than Eric & I both very soon:

So thankful they can build these memories together! The boys can't wait for their turn later this year! (Oh, and let me tell ya- it was SO QUIET this morning without my girls running around. WOW! I never knew they were the source of noise.)

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