Saturday, June 06, 2015

Project 365: May 2015

Well, I missed 4 days this month. :( (I edited or took extra pictures on other days- represented by the four pictures on top of the calendar.) I had 2 big sessions this month (one that took me out of state) & it wore me out. I've struggled a bit to find inspiration & motivation with my project 365 since then. But I'll keep plugging along! The huge yahoo moments were getting all of the children in front of the camera THREE times this month. Several iPhone pics this month (3). No selfie but that's okay. :)

You can follow my Project 365 by visiting the tab above (I share my settings also) + you can see other people's projects by clicking the button at the top of the page. I'd LOVE to hear of your projects! My other calendar spreads from this year's project 365 are here: January, February, March, & April.

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