Saturday, July 04, 2015

A few more from this week!

This past week, we enjoyed an unexpected, extended visit with our friends, the Arendses. :) They had planned on staying here just 2 days before traveling on to see another family in TN but that family got sick, so the Arendse stayed. Yippee! (Not that we were happy the other family was sick.)

Mud, childhood, water, friends & summer = BLISS:

(It was not bliss for Elizabeth, who thought the whole thing was far too messy. She came in to read.)

LOTS of cooking went on. It's all a bit crazy at times, the amount of food prep but it works well, as the Arendses eat like we do & have the same food allergies. We enlist lots of help:

Some music, though not as much as we usually hear:

Sand angels (because the mud didn't produce enough laundry for the mamas):

Jeanelle & I were thrilled that our hubby took a day together to go shooting & have lunch by themselves. :) We had a wonderful visit & look forward to seeing them soon when Josiah arrives!

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