Wednesday, August 19, 2015

More Surrendering

So by this point in August, I kinda wanted to write about our new baby boy. I really wanted to show you a bunch of pictures! But we are still waiting on this little man. Still. I often talk to my children about walking closely to the Lord- seeking Him, reading His Word, praying & trusting His providence as we REST in Him. God is letting put those exhortations into practice! :)

I thought my due date was August 13th- it's what my estimates were & what our home midwives had been going by. That's why our friends the Arendses came to visit. I expected to go a bit late but maybe not quite this long?

Today I had a checkup with our new doctor/midwives. When we saw them back in March for a 20-week ultrasound, they put my due date as August 20th. Every ultrasound since then has pointed to this later date & I've actually measured small throughout my pregnancy. It's the date my doctor has gone by all along... only I didn't know it till today. :/ So when I went in wanting to know if we should consider inducing because I was past my due date, he said nope. :) Actually, he probably would have said no anyway because as long as the baby & mama are healthy, he feels strongly about not messing with a woman's body till 42 (or more) weeks. As he says it, "We only mess with you if you come in & it often doesn't lead to good things." :)

I LOVE this! I love how he is trying to bring positive changes to the hospital birthing community. I love how they embrace home birth & do water births in the hospital (both when appropriate of course)... but I seriously DON'T LOVE this all because I'm tired. :) I KNOW it's best for me to wait- that inducing has risks that are not necessary right now. I KNOW it's best for me to get another iron treatment before giving birth (I'm scheduled for #4 this Friday & my numbers are slowly improving- yippee!). I KNOW it's okay to wait (for now... next week, I'm ready! ;)

But I thought I was due. And I'm tired (my anemia is still an issue). And Jeanelle leaves Friday. :( And I wanted to have this baby before co-op started. And... and... and... not my will, but Yours, O Lord. Oh, yeah. Surrendering. Again. Because I have to do that a lot- I'm a bit strong-willed by nature. ;)

So, that's what we're up to. Waiting & learning to rest. Jeanelle came last Thursday & we've enjoyed our visit together. God is good & we need to remember those specific acts of kindness towards us. He is good to teach me to wait, rest & surrender.

I'll share are some iPhone pictures. Bedtime is more fun with friends:

Patricia LOVED celebrating her 15th birthday with our friends! The girls spent the day painting & then we met Papa & Nanny at Patricia's favorite used bookstore/coffee shop. Oh, how we love this girl & praise God for the godly young woman she is!!!

Summer days last week in the sun & pool (we've had so much rain this week they haven't been able to do this again):

So thankful Jeanelle has been here while I've had doctor visits & iron treatments:

Dinner out with just a few of my fav people (there are many)- Jeanelle & Eric. We missed you, Lorimer!

Dark chocolate & raspberries help with the waiting for baby:

In order to organize our crews, Jeanelle & I rotate kitchen duties each day. Organization is KEY:

My good friend, Elizabeth, has been teaching Patricia & I all about fermenting. Our kombucha was delicious today! She came over this week & helped us start fermenting veggies- pickles in one jar & multi-colored carrots with ginger & garlic in another. YUM. Here's my reading pile (actually, this is just part of my pile- this is the health section of my books):

Waiting & changing plans is hard. Tonight, we took all the children out for gluten-free fries & hamburgers followed by a trip to B&N:

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