Thursday, September 03, 2015

Wednesdays with Words: Routines

It's been a while since I joined in Dawn's weekly post. While I might not have been sharing here, I've read her blog (& several others who shared). Recently, with lots of dr appointments & then resting after giving birth, I've been reading A LOT (& listening to podcasts but that's a topic for another time). Mostly on education- it's really exciting what I've been learning! Dawn assures me it's okay to share even though it's not Wednesday. ;)

With all I'm learning, I'm making several changes to how we flesh out our educational pursuits. We're forming some new routines, new habits. Today's words come from For the Children's Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macauley on this subject:

"Routines form habits." (pg. 80)

"When planning routines, priority must be given to the most important things. The person matters... We'll need time to talk, read, relax, & work together. Our relationship with God matters... Where will I find time to get out & enjoy nature? There is too much work to be done, & I am finite. I need to accept the reality, & plan the time & priorities carefully." (pg. 81)

To form a habit, we need a plan, a routine. If I stopped there, I'd have the tendency to railroad over people. God's taught me much as a parent but one of the biggest things is to embrace the chaos, to let go & soak it in. You see, I adore planning/charts/organization/spreadsheets/order. So the second quote is really good for me to ponder. People matter. Prioritizing our relationship with God first & then each other. Having time to soak people & things in. Getting outside! Those are things we can crowd out when we plan too much. (Me, not you, of course!)

HOW??? :) It's not always easy to find a plan that works & I've found that plans are constantly needing adjusting. But not having a plan with 10 - oh wait, 11! - people under one roof is not an option! ;) As Dawn pointed out in her post yesterday, it's really about surrendering our wills to His. Then their's peace!

And for those of you wondering, we are still classical. But so is Charlotte Mason. I've learned (thank you, Consider This) they are not at odds. I've learned CM can help add back in peace & beauty. But I haven't pitch everything we were doing! We're just feasting a bit more. I'm chewing on a lot of these things & I hope to share how it's molding us here. :)

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dawn said...

This is great! Be careful that "more" doesn't become too much. That's what happened to me, but I think you're wise enough to handle it.

I love those quotes about routines and habits as much as I don't want to have routines or habits I'm coming to a place where I understand that they're necessary.

Tully Family said...

YES- not too much more!!! Feel free to remind me of that cause there is so many good things it can be tempting. But then we can't feast on it all.

Lisa Moyer said...

What a beautiful family you have!

Lisa Moyer said...

What a beautiful family you have!

Tully Family said...

Thank you. :)