Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

Today, Jonathan turned 4! To celebrate, we took the children to the Georgia Aquarium. What a delightful day enjoying God's creation. (We enjoyed listening to this as we drove & sat in traffic.)

Eric and I's hearts were full of gratitude to the Lord for our children! We are especially thankful today for Jonathan- his smile lights up the room. Things are not always smiles with Jonathan (guess you could say that for anyone of us, huh?), and we've learned to rely on God's mercy as parents. We pray that Jonathan would continue to grow in the fear and admonition of our Lord!

Enjoy the pictures from today! Please pardon all the red-eye... my computer is being funky & frustrating tonight. x-(

My FAVORITE picture of the entire day (I tried to get Lizzie in it but I took this one early on in the day & she was still too afraid to get near the glass... she warmed up later on):

Some of the amazing creatures we saw today:

Just look how huge those gropers are! Yum, yum, yum... oh, wait. The lady said we weren't suppose to eat them... something about how they are not a "sustainable fish":

There were many things to touch, which we all enjoyed doing:

Family shot:


Some individual shots (and, yes, we know Matthias' needs a haircut!):

Are you still reading this? Oh, good! Just a few more. :) Patricia made Jonathan this knitted toy:

Jonathan asked for this instead of the traditional cake & ice cream (which I was all too pleased to make- it was so easy!):

Here is Jonathan in his cowboy outfit, by far his favorite gift! In fact, when he saw some people walking around the aquarium in penguin or fish costumes, he wanted to know why we didn't let him wear his outfit (we told him he had to leave it at home):

Happy 4th birthday, Jonathan! We LOVE you!
- Eric and Heather


dawn said...

Happy Birthday, Jonathan! We love you too! It looks like you had a great day :)

Good to see pictures of everybody ... even Mama (funny how few of those are for the Mamas, eh?)

Tully Family said...

That b/c Mamas are always behind the camera... I am trying to be better about this! Some time ago, I resolved to take at least one pic of each of the children each week. I'm also trying to get more shots of Eric and I (with & without the children), as well as family shots. Saving for a better camera- what fun!

Karen said...

happy Birthday Jonathan! Love seeing all the pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Blessed Birthday dear Jonathan, I love the birthday clown cake. Your pictures look so great, what a fun way to celebrate you important day.

Love and Kiss plus hugs Jonathan.
Nanny and Pa Pa

Anonymous said...

way to go Patricia, making something special come from the heart.


Jeanelle said...

Wish we could of been there Jonathan, to celebrate with you. David and Kathryn espcially LOVED the pictures. The picture of Abigail is so sweet. She has changed so much already!

Auntie Jeanelle