Thursday, June 10, 2010

Birthday Re-Cap

Okay, this is way overdue. :( I never posted pics from the birthday celebrations for Matthias (April- he turned 6!) and Benjamin (May- he turned 8!). On their actual birthdays, we just celebrated with our family- dessert, presents, games. No big fuss but fun. Here are a few pics from those two days:

Matthias requested ice cream cake & a cowboy theme:

Benjamin requested banana sundaes & he received more items for his World War II outfit (and, now he can dig to China ;):

We did gather all the extended family together in May for a bigger birthday bash for both boys at Medieval Times. We had a grand total of 20! :) We all had a lot of fun despite the fact that our niece had to go the emergency room due to her asthma. :( (We were a bit sad that the jousting wasn't a real joust but the boys did enjoy the sword fighting.) Here are some pics from that evening:

The food was surprisingly good (all except the rib) but the portions were way too big for most of the children:

Few more family pics:

And, of course, watching all that sword fighting inspired our boys:

We praise God for our two sons! They are growing up so fast!
- Heather


Auntie KaKa said...

2 sons? may you are starting to lose track now LOL...I had to re-read that last sentence twice...and then count in my head, Benjamin is 1, Matthias is 2, and Jonathan makes three, three boys LOL

HUGS to all!

Auntie Kaka said...

Then again, only two were celebrating their birthdays at medieval times hmmm...

Tully Family said...

I meant our 2 sons that had had birthdays. :)

Auntie Ka Ka said...

yeah i figured that out later you all and miss you.

Anonymous said...

I can hardy believe that the boys are growing so glad that we are here to celebrate with them.

Love Nanny and Pa Pa

Jeanelle said...

Happy birthday boys! Wish we could have been there. Especailly David. We loved the pictures.

One word for Lizzie: ADORABLE!

Auntie Jeanelle