Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Promise

Today I made Eric a promise. We eat a lot of nutritional things but I promised that I would never make this. EVER. I would like to make some organ meats if I could get Eric to let me but no heads of anything, especially pigs! NEVER. EVER.

- Heather


dawn said...


As a soon-to-be-guest, I'm thankful to hear it!

Jeanelle said...

You've got to draw the line somewhere. I'm with you Eric!

Karen said...

There are some things no one should eat, and that would be one of them LOL

dawn said...

So what wine goes good with pig's head?

And Pictures.

Tully Family said...

That's too funny, Dawn! So, should I make the pig's head & you bring the wine? Better yet, you just bring the wine! :) I want you to help me stock up on some different reds while you are here- I'm totally lost when I'm shopping. And ya know, you're the expert. ;)