Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Food Recalls

Eric and I were just talking about our concerns that the most recent food recalls would lead to more regulations, which would harm proponents of real food. Here is a good article on this very subject.

Worried about the most recent food recalls? Eat REAL FOOD! Buy LOCALLY! Get OUT OF the supermarkets! Start EDUCATING YOURSELF about where your food comes from! We still have a long way to go but we can see the benefits from the steps we've taken. An example would be my milk production for Abigail. With every other child, I struggled to maintain a good supply of milk. NONE of these issues with Abigail!

Yes, it takes time and, yes, it isn't the cheapest (in the short-term... we pay huge amounts in the long-term) choice available. But, it is worth the investment in your time & in your money. And, Eric would add that it tastes better. Which is the main issue in any man's mind. :)

- Heather


Casey said...

Hey, Heather-
I was reading my super-crunchy, vegan, theologically liberal blog friend (through the adoption world) and saw this article that I found interesting. I have been avoiding soy with Cora, giving her lactaid for her lactose issues, but this article makes me wonder if I've made the right choice...hmmm...
Always evaluating and thinking,
p.s. Don't read further on her blog if you might be offended by some - uh - very open breastfeeding pictures. She's a huge advocate of breastfeeding without much thought for modesty on the issue. :)

Jeanelle said...

It is definately worth the extra expense and saves you money in the long run. As we could afford it, Lorimer and I decided to make healthy eating and preventative health care a priority in our life and the lives of our dear children. We thank God for the "real" foods he has given us to eat.

Kathryn is 3 and has never had an ear infection, cough, or bad illness. When she does get the sniffles it goes away in a day or two. She has only been to the doctor once and that was just for a check up. In the three years that we have been eating local organic produce, drinking raw milk, and eating grassfed meet we have all been free of these illnesses. I used to get a cough every year, since I was a young girl, that took weeks to get over. I missed a lot of school because I couldn't stop coughing. My three older children experienced these same coughs until we made the switch to eating real foods and eliminated all processed foods from our diet. We have also added a probiotic and cod liver oil to our diet.

I should blog about this too! Or did I cover it all here?

Tully Family said...

Sorry, Ladies for not posting your comments sooner. It has been a CRAZY BUSY around here!!!

Casey, I hope to blog about soy soon (this week?) but I would stay clear of it like a plague. Most soy isn't real. I'll try to link up to the articles I've read that explain it better than I could. Oh, and breastfeeding doesn't bother me, though I do prefer modesty. :) But your friend's blog didn't offend me.

Jeanelle, it has been amazing to see the difference in our health too. I just wish I could go back to the beginning when I was pregno w/ Patricia!