Saturday, August 07, 2010

My Bloglines- the True ABC's of Heather's Computer

Last Friday I posted this but I still feel like it isn't a good picture of my web-browsing. So, I thought I would share which blogs are in my Bloglines. If you follow a blog with a RSS feed, this site is a must-have tool & it is free. It keeps track of new posts, all in one location- saves you time! :) Check it out!

So, here is a list of blogs currently on my Bloglines (Please note, I do not have the time to read each post everyday- I often skim or just skip several posts but these are blogs I like to check in on regularly. You'll notice a lot of nutritional blogs.):

- 101 Cookbooks: healthy, yummy & great pics! But, her ingredients tend to be a bit pricey.

- Agriculture Society: new to reading this one but they've had some great posts about raw milk lately (see here and here)

- Arendse Adventures: BFF's blog :)

- Ben Botkin: it is encouraging to see a young man who was well home educated

- Blogging the Institutes: actually, I've never read this one yet- plan to do so when I decided to read through the Institutes... maybe next year?

- The Boars' Mite: friend's personal blog

- Buried Treasure Books: I should read this one more!

- CHEESESLAVE: another nutritional blog- I love the heading: "For the love of cheese. And bacon. And butter. And raw milk. And all those other things we're not suppose to eat." Ah. It's so much fun to eat real food!!!

- I follow 2 friend's Delicious but I didn't want to link it here w/out their permission. (Let me know if you want my info so you can follow me!) This is another great tool to use & it's free!

- The Diaper Diaries: she is no longer blogging but has left up her posts about her cloth diapering journey. Learned a lot from this site! :)

- Elana's Pantry- gluten-free recipes. Not too thrilled so far- she uses several ingredients I steer clear off.

- Femina- Nancy Wilson & daughters (+ in-laws) blog. Encouraging, convicting & funny.

- The Finer Things in Life- haven't read this one much yet.

- Food Renegade- nutritional blog.

- Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef- friend just told me about this one & I'm hoping to find some yummy recipes.

- GNOWFGLINS- nutritional blog; I took this course from her site. I'd like to take this one!

- Hair Today- I do not think she blogs anymore but I visit to get ideas for the girl's hair.

- Health, Home, & Happiness- another nutritional blog that I recently found.

- Healthy Indulgences- again, a friend just told me about this one & I'm hoping to find some yummy recipes.

- Heartland Renaissance- nutrition & recipes, or at least that is why I visit.

- Heavenly Homemakers- one of the first blogs I started to follow. Her recipes are healthy & yummy.

- The History of the (Whole) World- Susan Wise Bauer's blog.

- Inside Classical Education- Christopher Perrin's blog.

- Kelly the Kitchen Kop- another nutritional blog, though I do not tend to follow this one much. She seems a bit extreme. Hah- I think a lot of you would say that about us. :)

- Kitchen Stewardship- another nutritional blog. Her eBook recipes for snacks are yummy!

- Ladydusk- another BFF's blog.

- LAF/Beautiful Womanhood- encouraging blog promoting beautiful womanhood. Often convicts me too- it's a good thing.

- Large Family Logistics- been reading this one ever since Patricia was a baby. She is the mastermind behind the children's favorite breakfast: Dutch Puff. YUM!

- Laylita's Recipes- new one that I haven't read yet. Dying to try this though.

- Life In a Shoe- another blog I've read from the beginning. We enjoy peaking into another large family's life. She is quit funny to read.

- Marie-Madeline Studio- I'm looking forward to buying some of these ladies patterns & fabrics. We appreciate how they make modesty beautiful.

- Maxwell Family Blog- I use their Mangers of Their Home book to help me schedule.

- The Nourished Kitchen- nutrition.

- The Nourishing Cook- she is cooking her way through "Nourishing Traditions!" WOW!

- The Nourishing Gourmet- nutrition & recipes.

- Outside Hollywood- Eric is encouraging the children to think about film making and we both appreciate the Botkin's insights. (You can go here to see their family's website.)

- Passionate Homemaking- we use many of her recipes over and over again.

- The Pioneer Woman Cooks- some of the best food EVER. Plus, she takes great photos. Plus, she is witty. Plus, she lives on a ranch.

- Preschoolers and Peace- I've learned so much from Kendra! If you have littles, this site is a MUST!!!

- Quiddity- CiRCE's blog. This one makes me think. Hard.

- Raising Homemakers- good stuff for mama's with girls.

- Real Food Media- nutrition.

- She Lost Her Keys- friend's personal blog.

- Simple Organic- another new one I recently found.

- Spud & Chloe- knitting blog.

- SpunkyHomeschool- Spunky is pretty well known in the homeschool circles.

- Susan B. Anderson- one of my favorite knitting authors. I always get inspired to sit down & knit after reading her blog.

- Tasty Kitchen Blog- Pioneer Woman runs this one. YUMMY!

- Thread by Thread- personal blog from the author of Diaper Diaries.

- Truth in Love- Voddie Bauchman's blog.

- Doug's Blog- Doug Philip's (from Vision Forum) personal blog. Eric reads this one too.

- Visionary Daughters- daughters of Botkins. Again, it is encouraging to read of home educated young adults.

- The Well-Trained Mind- Susan Wise Bauer discussing things educational and classical.

- Wholesome Goodness- nutrition. See a theme going on in my bloglines? ;)

- Your Sacred Calling- I'm encouraged & convicted by Stacy.

Finally, here is one blog I follow that does not have a RSS feed but it is GREAT: Weston A. Price's blog. Oh, and I read our dear friends, the Houseworth's blog, even though they STILL have no feed.

So, there ya go- a better reflection on Heather's ABC's of her computer! With all those nutritional blogs & recipes, I should never run out of things to make. And, we ought to be the healthiest people ever. :)
- Heather


dawn said...

I don't mind my delicious feed out there.

The Houseworth's blog *does* have a feed (which is how I read it ...) I'll send a link.

We're home!

Jeanelle said...

I don't mind either. Thanks for sharing!I still ask, how do you find the time?

Tully Family said...

Again, I never read all the posts- I love to skim on the web! (But not your blog- of course I read all of my BFF's blogs!)

Jeanelle said...

I wish I had more time to blog about what the kids are doing for lessons. I am so proud of them and happy with their progress.

Anonymous said...

Like the web site on knitting, if I could only knit fast. I would be able to make all those cute, yes free is good, items.

Love mom

Mahers Hill Academy said...

That's a long list! I'm just getting into this blog thing and there's so much out there! I just signed up for Bloglines (thanks for the suggesting it!) and you and Dawn are the first ones on my feed list. :)

Tully Family said...

Yeah! :) And, it is a long list- I never read it all. Love to skim though. Do you have a RSS feed for your blog?

Mahers Hill Academy said...

It says that it has RSS feed in my dashboard info, and something about a URL which is supposed to be my blog URL and /feed. Not sure exactly how these things work yet...:)