Thursday, October 21, 2010

Keeping it Real #8: Goldilocks

Eric likes to call me Goldilocks. Why? Whenever Eric asks me how much of food I want to eat, I always reply, "Not too much, not too little." He'll ask how he is suppose to know how much I want and I always reply that I want just the right amount. :)

Now, I can tend to be like Goldilocks in other areas of my life b/c I have a tendency to want things perfect. The children are a tool God uses to help me to loosen up & let things go; to learn how to be patient & put people before things. It's a good thing. But... I still like just the right amount of dessert. ;)

- Heather


Jessica said...

Insn't that the truth. God sure has used Michaela and Ransom in my life to teach me so much!

Priorities are probably the biggest!

dawn said...

No breaking and entering, eh? Jason and I both like "some" ice cream, I totally get your how much :)

Jeanelle said...

I can't imagine growing so much without the children. God is good to use them gently to teach us how to be more like him, how to train them up in patience with compassion and forgiveness. After all isn't this how he loves us?

The guys should have learned by now what is "just enough" or what amount is good for us.

Anonymous said...

Watch your children and learning and then watching your children with their children, how much we all share. Love mom What a blessing !