Monday, November 15, 2010


Our trip to New Zealand was wonderful! God blessed us with safe travel, beautiful weather, amazing sites & very yummy food! Everyone stayed healthy & the children enjoyed their time with my parents, though it rained quit a bit. I'm sorry for being so absent for so long but internet access in NZ was limited (and expensive!). The day after returning home, my Aunt Jackie passed away after battling an aggressive form of cancer for the past year. My heart just wasn't into blogging & I had to get our home organized so I could travel (Eric stayed here with the children) to Ohio this past weekend for the funeral service. Please continue to pray for comfort for my Uncle and cousins, as well as all of our family.

I'm working on several posts of pictures, so stay tuned. For now, let me share these pictures and videos from the children's piano recital at the end of October.

Benjamin played "Go Tell Aunt Rhody" from book 1:

Matthias played "Lightly Row" from book 1:

Patricia played "A Short Story" and "The Happy Farmer" from book 2. She was in the running to win the award for best tone again but Mrs. McKeown said that you can't win it back-to-back. Here she is playing:

- Heather


Anonymous said...

enjoyed listening to the children sweet.
Thanks for being with us, great comfort to have. Enjoy the blessing in watching the children, you are blessed.

Nellie said...

Your music is sounding wonderful children! I can hear your improvements each recital. God is good to give us the gift of music! Miss you!

Auntie Jeanelle