Friday, December 03, 2010

Current Read-Alouds

We're slowly making our way through the Little House books. I keep saying it, but these books are so good. Everyone enjoys them even though the older three children know the stories inside and out. Just don't ask Patricia to read the part about when Jack (the dog) dies- she weeps ever single time. :) Currently, we are reading "By the Shores of Silver Lake."

One of our family traditions during the Christmas season is to read "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens. I found this lovely edition a few years ago:

I'm looking into taking the older children to the theater again this year. Toss up b/t Christmas Carol (which we saw once) or Nutcracker. $$$ will be the big factor. ;)

Oh, and I thought you would enjoy this- it made me laugh:

Child: Mama, did you know that Dickens has several other books out? We should get some!

Mama: You know that Charles Dickens is dead, right?

Child: Oh (puzzled).... well, he was a good writer!
- Heather


dawn said...

What, you're not going to embarrass "child" LOL ... I'm trying to read A Christmas Carol, but not very hard ... and the children aren't feeling the love. I'll keep at it.

Tully Family said...

Keep at it, Dawn! This is the first year that the children actually really like it & I think it is b/c the older ones have read it themselves. I just tell them that sometimes the read-alouds are for MAMA too. ;)

Jeanelle said...

This is a favorite of ours too. And yes the first time they didn't get it. It helped to see the play and then keep re-reading it each year. It is not an easy read for the younger ones, but not too long either. We like to underline all the vocabulary that we do not know,look it up later, read the definitions and then read that section again. Ah, now it all makes sense! Excellent book and what a better time to read it than now. David is really enjoying this year! I believe it is a 6th grade read.

Tully Family said...

I need to remember to look up vocab later w/ the children. Thanks for the reminder, Jeanelle!