Monday, December 20, 2010


If you follow my Ravelry here, you'll know that yesterday I finished knitting my Shalom Cardigan using yarn I purchased in New Zealand. Yahoo! Just look:

As I mentioned before, I actually made two cardigans. After almost finishing the first sweater, I realized that the fit was just too tight so, I pulled it all out, added some more stitches & rows & in about 2 weeks had a new sweater. The pattern is super-easy and I loved how I did not have to piece it together- you knit the entire cardigan as one piece. :)

Last night I started knitting a Christmas stocking. It's my goal to make one for everyone before next year... yep, after 11 years of marriage we might finally have stockings at Christmas! (Instead of small gift bags.)
- Heather


Anonymous said...

Just think that your sweater is just beautiful....good joy.

You already are making Christms stocking, one ahead of me.

Love Mom

Jeanelle said...

Gorgeous! When do I get mine?

Tully Family said...

Hmmm... maybe when I get MY APRON! ;)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Can we see how it looks on you?


dawn said...

And , here, I thought it was my Christmas present [grin] Beautiful! Great job!

Tully Family said...

Thanks, Renee... I'm not one for liking to be in front of the camera!

Auntie Karen said...

Just wishing all of you a Merry Christmas!!! HUGS