Friday, March 11, 2011

Update on Abigail

Abigail's surgery went well today- no complications & we came home to rest afterward. Everyone was tired, even mama & daddy. :) Thank you for your prayers for her surgery today & for her recovery. We expect it to be more painful tomorrow.

We had to wait an extra hour because they were running behind but Abigail was patient & enjoyed playing with Eric and I. I was able to go with her into the surgical unit until she fell asleep. What a blessing! (I remember breaking down when Jonathan was wheeled down the hallway for his surgery.) The staff & doctor were all very nice & helpful. When we walked in to see Abigail, the nurse was rocking her. :)

We give God all praise for sustaining our daughter!
- Heather

PS- oh, and I guess I never said what surgery she had done. She had a preauricular cyst removed from her ear & a frenotomy to correct her tight tongue.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that all went well! Luckily this will be a memory that she can put behind her.

dawn said...

So thankful for the report of a successful, safe surgery.

Anonymous said...

We are so very bless that our Lord watches over us..
What lies ahead for Abigail?
Love nanny and Pa pa

Jeanelle said...

Praying for Abigail to feel all better!

Auntie Jeanelle