Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Birthday, Matthias!

Today, Matthias turned SEVEN!!! We love you so much, Matthias, & praise God for your tender spirit. We pray you would continue to grow in wisdom!

The theme for this week was simplicity, so we did things low key for Matthias' celebration today. The thing is, the children don't seem to mind one bit whether we have a big party or we just celebrate as a family. :) Matthias enjoyed picking out the food we ate today: baked oatmeal for breakfast, grilled cheese with tomato soup for lunch & grilled hamburgers with roasted potatoes for dinner. I was so tired today that I had Eric pick up a cake (GASP!) instead of making one. The children also enjoyed some extra playing time today. Firemen & bear trainers were the themes for the day. :)

Here is a pic of the pillowcase that Patricia machine sewed for Matthias:

I thought I would share a few favorite pics of Matthias through the years. (I tried to be good and choose only a few but you know how mamas can get...) Enjoy!

What a CHUNK he was when he was born- our biggest baby so far weighing in at 9 pounds (which is HILARIOUS because he is so tiny now!):

Usually happy, he was just DONE with picture taking:

These two have always had a special bond:

The little ones "playing" soccer are ADORABLE:

ALWAYS my cowboy:

Matthias has always loved being a big brother & is thrilled with each new sibling:


Anonymous said...

Blessed Birthday Matthias! My how fast the time flys. You are a joy to our hearts. We wait upon the Lord to see how he uses you.
Do not grow to fast! You have such a wonderful smile.

Love Nanny and Pa Pa

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Mathias. You are growing so fast. We love you and Miss you! Love,
Auntie Ka Ka, Uncle John and Big Cousin Matt

Jeanelle said...

"Birthday blessings we bring you,
Birthday blessings today,
May the Father in heaven,
Keep and bless you always."

Birthday blessing for Matthias from the Arendse family,

Auntie Jeanelle