Friday, June 03, 2011

Few More House Pics

Last week Thursday, Miss Courtney & Miss Molly met us at our new house to help me clean & care for the children. And, they brought food! What a blessing these young ladies are! The children enjoyed playing a game of hide & seek, especially fun with an empty on house:

Sadly, I wasn't good about snapping any more pictures during our move. :( But, here are some pictures of the house that our inspector took in the early spring. (I'll try to post more as I unpack & organize. Thinking through paint colors right now. Come visit, Jeanelle!)

First, our back yard has some beautiful landscaping along the fence, though we have some work to do this fall. The children are enjoying the playset- I plan on having a long container garden next year to the left of it:

These are not our rocking chairs but we're looking forward to getting some for our front porch:

Back of the house:


Karen Tully said...

You have to try grow bags from

My potatoes are going crazy!

Congrats ont he house!

Jeanelle said...

Hide & Seek in an empty house sounds fun! Wish we could come and join you. What are you painting first?

Tully Family said...

That's a good ?... thinking we will either do the dinning room or our bedroom first (though I dislike the girl's paint color the most). I do not want to change the paint in the dinning room but we need a table & curtains.

Anonymous said...

Like your home. It surely fits your family needs. mom