Friday, August 19, 2011

Projects: Leg Warmers for Emily

Last night I finished making these leg warmers for Emily using this pattern:

I adjusted the pattern quit a bit, only casting on 36 stitches to make the diameter smaller (my friend, Jill, knit up a pair according to directions & the leg warmers fit our toddler girls!) & knitting to a finished length of 7.5". This pattern was another easy one to knit & took me only 5 days. :)

I've realized that I really enjoy knitting clothing but not toys. I have a few toys I need to finish but I really don't want to. But if I sit to make an outfit, then I'm happy as can be.
- Heather


Jeanelle said...

They are precious! What exactly do babies wear leg warmers for? Do you put them under dresses? The idea is new to me. And no, I didn't wear leg warmers in the 80's. Ha ha!

Tully Family said...

Let warmers are great for babies in cloth diapers b/c it is so hard to find leggings that fit over the plump cloth. Emily will wear hers under dresses or maybe at night w/ a long sleeved tee.

Tully Family said...

Oh, and I made these leg warmers to fit from her ankles to her thighs.

Anonymous said...

The leg warmers are so cute.. Yea for you.

love mom