Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Birthdays!

This has been a week of birthday celebrations! :) Eric celebrated his birthday on Tuesday but it quiet because I am planning his big meal for tomorrow. That's because he picked a THANKSGIVING MEAL! I wasn't up for that kind of cooking & prep during the week. Everyone is excited for tomorrow- it cracks me up how much my boys love to eat. We bought Eric woodworking tools for his Omnijig. He was very happy.

Today was Abigail's second birthday! She has grown so much this past year & seems like such a big little girl now. :) We enjoyed pizza tonight with ice cream. No birthday party (we wait till age 3 or older) but lots of fun together playing with the balloons and doll house items she got.

Enjoy the pictures!
- Heather

Enjoying ice cream:

Big sister reads her new book, Make Way for Ducklings:

Balloon fun:

Dollhouse fun:

Finally, a picture of Abigail when she was a few weeks old:


Auntie Karen Tully said...

Happy Birthday to Eric and Abigail, Hope everyone had a great brithday celebration! LOVE and HUGS!

Jeanelle said...

Happy birthday to two of my favoite people! If you're a Tully, you're automatically a favorite! We are excited for our visit! The kids are counting down the days.