Thursday, December 08, 2011

Children's Photo Shoot

After several years, we finally got around to having pictures taken! :) The last professional pictures were of Abigail as a newborn; before that, a few of Elizabeth as a baby. We haven't had a family shot since Jonathan was a baby- that's five years ago! Yikes! I didn't want to have the traditional studio shots so I was excited to find Kanella of Kanella Brown Photography. Her prices are great, she'll come to your house if you want, you get copy rights to your pictures, and, most importantly, the children loved her. :)

We're looking forward to taking some family shots this spring (I wanted to wait a few months till after the birth before being in front of the camera), so I just asked Kanella to come to our home to take pictures of the children. I didn't make things easy for her. First, there are SEVEN LITTLES to take pictures of. Second, I didn't find time to decorate the house before she came. Third, the weather was CHILLY & rainy. We lost most of leaves just before she came. (Okay, that one isn't my fault but it made outside pics difficult & limited.) Fourth, my 2 younger boys needed haircuts. Fifth, Matthias kept doing some cheesy-form of a smile. Er. But we're thrilled with the pictures she took.

Enjoy seeing some of the pictures. I'm looking forward to the spring & also having Emily's pictures taken next month. :)

Group Shots:

The boys:

The girls:

Oh, they're growing up:


Jeanelle said...

I LOVE the pictures! You can see in the black and white pictures who the kids look like. I'll take a picture of the children under the tree please. Love the splashes of red in the picture.

Miss you all! Oh, and I liked how miss Emily posed for her picture.

Auntie Jeanelle

dshidel said...

To think, I met you when Patricia was a crawling baby (crawling to my infant boy Sam, no less) and now look at them. Beautiful! I love having a 10 almost 11 year old in my house. It is a great age for conversation~

Anonymous said...

what lovely pictures. It will be hard to decide on what to pick.
My how much they all have grown.
Love Mom

Tully Family said...

Those were sweet days, Tina, when our eldest were babies. :) And, yes- LOTS of conversation which is fun (if I'm awake- oh, how I love coffee these days!) and challenging at times. But good, good stuff.

Lizzie, age 4 in a few weeks, talks a TON NOW... hm- should be interesting later! ;)

dawn said...

These are great!