Sunday, February 12, 2012

Miss Emily

It's been awhile since I posted pictures, so I thought you would enjoy seeing how much little Miss Emily has grown:

Isn't she adorable? :) In fact, she's so cute that you could gobble her up! Here are some fun facts about Miss Emily:

- Did you notice the lack of hair? Poor thing. (It's a common thing for Tully babies.)

- Emily turns 4 months next week but I'm still bundling her up tight when she goes to sleep. If I don't, she cries.

- She doesn't really enjoy tummy time yet:

- She hates her car seat. A moving vehicle doesn't do much to sooth her either. I'm so thankful for older siblings who can help try to pacify her.

- Other names that we enjoy calling Emily are Emma and Emmie (Abigail's favorite).

- Emily is a "good" baby which means she is very content & normally sleeps well. She has fallen into a regular schedule, nursing at 6,9,12,3,6 and 9 with regular nap times. Yahoo! (What's hilarious is that I was totally content to wake in the middle of night for as long as she wanted to vs trying to get her to sleep through the night. But she dropped those feedings way before I expected.) Eric usually gives her a bottle of my milk at 9. Of course, she has her days and nights when she nurses more or/and is fussy.

- Eric and I left Emily and went on a date this past Friday. We didn't go far & were only gone for her last feeding but it tore me apart. Literally. I just wanted to get home to check on her and hold her. So, we won't be doing that again anytime soon! :) (She'll go with us next time.)

- She loves to be held. She also adores her siblings (and little people in general). She smiles big & "talks" to them when they get up close to her face. (She's #7 so she has no personal space.)

Praise God for blessing our family!
- Heather


redawson80 said...

What a cutie! We bundled till almost 6 months! And she never liked tummy time, either! How fun!

Anonymous said...

Can not wait to be so close to you all ya. You know that the grandchildren are so special
Emily and I had bonding time together, she did well Mom.

Love mom

Tully Family said...

I know mentally that Emily was fine. It just pulled on my heart strings! Thank you so much, Mom & Dad, for watching all of the children! We're excited to have you live around the corner. :)

dawn said...

I meant to mention how cute she is! But, I wanted to show the girls, and kept forgetting. They were suitably impressed. "Aw! She's so sweet."