Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our Current Memory Time

Back in November, I shared here what we do during our memory time. We've folded in a lot of new things, so I thought I would share again what we're doing. I'm also planning on getting back to our weekly posts sharing what we're memorizing each week along with a video. So be sure to check that out on Tuesdays! :)

I've mentioned this before, but I gleaned a lot about how to do our memory time from Kendra at Preschoolers and Peace. (She calls it "Circle Time.") When our littles were fewer in number and younger, our memory time was a lot less complicated- mostly just devotions, Bible verses & catechisms. As they grew older & increased in number, we've added more memory and lengthened our time together. It's amazing how much they have memorized! (Sadly, my brain doesn't soak it in as fast as theirs.) I highly recommend it!

I usually gather all of the children for memory time right after breakfast. We spend one hour memorizing and reciting lots of various information, which helps teaching time later in the day to go faster. Everyone is required to sit up & pay attention to the person speaking. If you're the one speaking (they often stand when it is their turn), then you need to speak clearly and not fidget. This has been a great learning tool to teach my youngest to sit for long periods of time. A lot of what we recite is put to music or chants, so I use iTunes to help me keep it all organized. I also use a big binder to store everything we memorize with checklists so I know who is doing what. Organization is key to keeping our memory time flowing! The pace is somewhat fast & furious but we enjoy it! The children enjoy reciting their weekly work to Eric either at our Sabbath meal on Saturday nights or on Sundays.

(this is the order we cover each day)

- Bible verses
- Creeds, definitions & character qualities
- Songs: hymns, psalms & other sacred music
- Bible cards & timeline
- Catechisms:Catechism for Young Children, Westminster Shorter Catechism and Heidelberg Catechism

Poetry & Rhyme:
- Poems & nursery rhymes

- Songs, chants & maxiums
- Apostle's Creed

Geography & US History:
- Mapwork: the children are learning to label a blank map and eventually will learn how to draw the maps freehand.
- U.S. Presidents: names in order (After we get that down, we'll learn their years of term.)
- Pledge of Allegiance & National Anthem

- History Sentences
- History cards & timeline

- Science Sentences

- Skip counting & math sentences

- Grammar Jingles
- Literature Definitions
- Spelling Rules

- Personal information including names, birthdays, parent's names, address & phone number


- Operational Definitions of Character Qualities (we got this idea from the Duggars!)
- Trinity Hymnal & Psalter
- Hymns for Kith & Kin provides piano accompaniment for hymns
- Currently, we are using Veritas Press' Genesis through Joshua Bible cards & timeline. We plan to go through the entire Bible with the cards from VP. (NOTE: I've had to cover several pictures)
- Holly Duton's music helps us memorize the Shorter Catechism.
- Training Hearts, Teaching Minds is a devotional we use to help us understand catechism.

Poetry & Rhyme:
- Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization (I'd recommend both the book and the CDs)
- Various other sources for poems & nursery rhymes, including the poems from First Language Lessons, Level 1

- Sing Song Latin
- Various sources for religious songs, chants & maxiums, including the children's own curriculum

Geography & US History:
- I got the idea for our mapwork from Classical Conversations. I recently bought an old version of their Foundation's manual (3rd ed.) & used much of it along with Map Trek to gather ideas for our mapwork.
- President's Song is from Classical Conversation's OLD audio CDs.
- Geography Songs & States and Capitals Songs from here

- I get our history sentences from Classical Conversation's 3rd edition Foundation's guide. I also use their OLD audio CDs because they put these sentences to music. (I went with the older versions because they use Veritas Press materials which we already own.)
- Currently, we're using Veritas Press' Old Testament/Ancient History Cards. We plan on memorizing all the cards & dates! :) (NOTE: I've had to cover several pictures)

- Classical Conversations' Science cards

- Classical Conversation's 3rd edition Foundation's guide

- Shurley English Level 7 Jingles CD
- List of definitions from Susan Wise Bauer (I think it is in her book)
- Our spelling rules come from our curriculum


Jessica said...

This is great! Thanks for sharing! We're loving having memory time like the Duggars talk about but you have lots of great links here to investigate!

dawn said...

Is everyone doing the Grammar Jingles? is Y7 a complete set? I've been considering adding some grammar memory work beyond FLL ...