Monday, February 20, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook: February 20, 2012

February 20, 2012

Outside my window... looks like a grey day ahead.

I am thinking... this line & the "I am pondering" line should be one. (You don't truly expect me to think/ponder more than one thing do you?)

I am thankful... for the opportunity to see/hear Rick Santorum speak last night. I'm also thankful that my parents joined us.

In the kitchen... stock is simmering.

I am wearing... dark teal shirt & black skirt.

I am creating... Jonathan's blanket and I picked back up my lace shawl that I'm knitting.

I am going... to continue to do planning. Seems hard to fit it in with life with littles, esp since one of them is nursing!

I am wondering... how long littles will sleep in.

I am reading... almost done with "A Bride Goes West."

I am hoping... Rick Santorum wins! :)

I am looking forward to... being home & healthy this week! Hopefully we can accomplish a lot of lessons (and Mama can do more planning).

I am learning... about gardening in the South.

Around the house... I need to work on garden plans so Eric can build our boxes! Planting season comes early here!

I am pondering... things said last night & praying for our country!

A favorite quote for today... hmmm... I'll try to fill this in later today!

One of my favorite things... my Ergo. It's one of Emily's favorite things too.

A few plans for the rest of the week: piano lessons. Maybe get together with family. Sabbath meal.

A peek into my day... here is a picture from last night's speech (it was a bit crowded- around 3300 people- but my parents found us seats):

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Anonymous said...

184Enjoy last night. Am praying that we have a true Christian in the White House.
Lv mom