Monday, November 05, 2012

October in Review

Well, I'm back! To be honest, it was kinda of nice to step away from blogging for awhile. Actually, I stepped away from a lot of computer time in general though I did peek at a few favorite blogs a few times. It was good to focus on other things but I'm thrilled to be back! :)

Do you like the new look? We even added a new tab, "About," with pics and a short bio. Boy, those were tricky to write! I'm also working on some other things for the blog! Fun!

Here's a quick summary of October 2012 for the Tully household:

We got outside A LOT and soaked in the sun. YEAH for southern falls- sunny & warm! I'm trying to get us ALL outside at least once a day. That includes mama and Emily and that's the tricky part. It's so easy to get caught up in all the things to do that I forget to soak in the sun and my children.

We traveled to northern Georgia & picked apples. Emily loved eating them and kept going over to the bags to take a bite. It was hilarious! :) We canned 60 quart jars this year. Thanks, Nanny, for all of your help! After picking apples, we decided to picnic & hike a bit in one of the national parks, soaking in the beauty of God's creation. It was a glorious day:

Fall meant making these yummy cupcakes, only I made real carmel sauce:

The big event of the month was Emily's birthday! It's hard to believe that she is one- this past year has gone by so fast. We had a simple celebration with friends and family. We enjoyed this recipe for the cupcakes. Emily began shaking when she ate them. I guess her first taste of sweets made a big impression! She liked them:

We ended the month of October by celebrating Reformation Day at our church. I love focusing on this day of history- it's so rich! We had a great time of fellowship & food, as well as a talent show (our children each played piano). The children enjoyed dressing up as historical characters- can you guess who they are?

I'm working on uploading Emily's one year pics- look for that later today! We're excited for November because we leave for vacation next week & enjoy Thanksgiving, which is my FAVORITE holiday! Have a great day!
- Heather


Anonymous said...

Yeah for November, it will be vacation time soon. Love the new blog Heather, love seeing each child. Mom

Jeanelle said...

Emily, Auntie Jeanelle really needs to see you before you get any bigger! Miss you all Heather.