Sunday, April 14, 2013

Home Education Tab!

Note: I forgot to publish this post yesterday so I did so this morning. I pray you have a blessed Sabbath!

I finally did something with that home education tab up at the front of our blog: I listed what we're doing this year! Yeah, me! Its nice to have a record of what we did plus I know I enjoy seeing what others use to help them educate & maybe you do too! :) Of course, everything we use are just aids in educating our children- true education is so much more than any curriculum!

I'll try to keep the page current with any changes and/or additions we make. I'm also hoping to do a few reviews of material we use. We started something completely different this year for Elizabeth & Jonathan (Primary Language Arts by IEW). I'll fill you in on the why's & how's it working in an upcoming post!

- Heather

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