Saturday, April 27, 2013

Matthias' Birthday!

Yesterday, Matthias turned nine! While in Texas on vacation, several of the children learned how to ride bikes so we decided to get one for Benjamin & Matthias. To make sure the fit was right, we all went out Thursday night to pick out bikes. Benjamin's birthday is next month but we wanted to have one bike that the younger boys could share & another one for the two eldest children to use. Elizabeth is ready for a bike but it's still a bit tricky for Abigail, so we bought a big wheeler for them to share.

It was great fun for us all to spend time together outside yesterday, soaking in the sun. The children enjoyed riding off and on. Emily enjoyed being pushed in her car. Matthias & Jonathan are just about ready to take off their training wheels! :)

We did have one very scary moment that occurred when two pit bulls came running in our yard without any owner in sight. They were jumping up & down on the children & circling them, not allowing the children to move. I was very scared but I also knew I needed to stay calm. The young ones cried & screamed. I had Patricia run down to a neighbor who was outside to see if it was her dog. The neighbor came over and said they were not hers but she knew who's they were. She also said the male dog had been aggressive in the past. I quickly had the children go inside while the neighbor called the police. I tied the dogs up because I didn't want them to take off. Shortly after, the owner came & got them. The police never showed up. :( We are thankful for God's protection! We are praying for the whole situation to be dealt with quickly.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the children enjoying their bike:

Following dinner, my parents & brother came over for dessert & gift opening. Matthias asked Patricia to make lemon loaf for dessert, so we enjoyed that with ice cream instead of cake. Yum!

It was a bit busy, so I switched off manual mode & took some group pics on autofocus. Yuck. But sometimes it's gonna happen sometimes until I get faster & better at focusing in manual:

Happy birthday, Matthias! Daddy & I pray that you would grow in love for both God and man. May you have a servant's heart like your Savior!
- Heather

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