Thursday, May 16, 2013

Finished Projects

I finished embroidering this tree grain print for our bedroom. I'm working on tree prints from here- 4 prints that I'll switch out seasonally. Fun! I still need to box frame it:

Three skirts finished sewing for the little girls. I used this & this pattern. Quick & easy:

Patricia has begun a new embroidery sampler from here. She says embroidery is her favorite craft:

Baby's blanket is just about finished. My needle had snapped when I was 15 rows away from being done so I had to wait for a new one to arrive. Replacement was fast & easy once I called KnitPicks. Yahoo! Their Harmony Wood needles are the only ones I use. Great quality + great prices + fast shipping + great customer service = 1 happy, loyal customer. :)

I'm dreaming of which sweater to make Baby. She will wear Emily's sweater because it's just too pretty not to use again but I would like for Baby to have her own. I'll tuck the sweaters away in their hope chests one day.

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Raymond Harris said...

Sewing is such fun, isn't it great to accomplish the beautiful skirts? Well done.
It is so great to see Patricia embroidery. Lvm