Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Special Treat for the Littles (& a quick update)

To celebrate Patricia's birthday (late) with the Arendse family, we're planning on taking the older children to see Alone, Yet Not Alone in the theaters tomorrow night. It's only in the theaters one night so you should make sure you don't miss it! (You can grab a copy of the book here.) While all of the older children are excited, we knew that the movie would probably be too scary for our younger ones so we decided to take them to Barnes & Noble to pick out a book & Starbucks for a special treat. They loved it! :)
I spent some time reading- it's so much fun to read picture books to my littles! I was reminded that I need to do this more. We read aloud a lot but it's usually at the older children's levels, which is great for the younger ones to hear & learn from but I need to also read at their level. I read Blueberries for Sal, a  family favorite, and Abigail giggled the whole way through.
Starbucks in a bookstore... someone was a genius to combine those two things! Everyone enjoyed their special (sugary!) treats:

If Jeanelle wasn't here, this trip wouldn't of happened so soon after having a baby but my recovery has been great thanks to all of her hard work so I can rest. They leave Saturday & I have no idea what I'm going to do all by myself! :(

Katherine is doing better with the nursing but she still has times when she struggles & I have to do the pumping/drip milk into her mouth thing to get her to latch on. I'll be sticking close to home a lot until we get this thing down. She is completely adorable though! She does NOT like it if I bundle her arms, so I wrap up the lower part of her body when she sleeps so her hands can be by her face. All of my babies before her spit up but she doesn't at all. Yeah! She's nursing every 3 hours during the day and 4 hours at night. YAHOO!!! First baby to go 4 hours at night so early- she's my favorite. ;)

Here's one random pic of Emily, who stayed home with Daddy & the boys (and Patricia) while we went out. This is what playtime turns to when you have brothers:

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