Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Piano Recital & Family Picture

Last Saturday, the older 5 children played in a piano recital. Patricia played Arietta by W.A. Mozart, Benjamin played Musette, Matthias played Goodbye to Winter, Jonathan played Mary Had a Little Lamb (right hand duet with his teacher) and Elizabeth played Clair de Lune (right hand duet with her teacher). Here are the children with their teacher, Miss Brooke:

After the recital, we visited with Eric's family. It had almost been a full year since we saw them- way too long! Here is Eric, Katherine & Aunt Kristine:

Cousin Julia with Katherine:

Uncle Matt & Aunt Rachelle with Katherine:

Emily is about a year older than Alyissa, who is adorable! Neither one of them wanted to share much. So glad that Katherine will teach Emily humility one day. Wonder what I'll do when we have our last child? It was fun to see these cousins together:

All the cousins:

We even got a pic of us with Katherine- yahoo:

Finally, here is a random picture that I took this last night. With those eyes, Katherine is pleading to nurse:

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Jeanelle said...

Your diligence in piano shows. I loved hearing you all play in September!

Auntie Jeanelle