Thursday, January 16, 2014

Katherine at 4 Months

I had a blast taking Katherine's pictures yesterday, just one day before she turned 4 months. I wish I had turned the blanket so she wasn't in the corner because it makes the angle look a bit funky. I love how bright Katherine's eyes looked in these pics. Wanna see some  more? Are you sure? Because I'm about to dump a ton of pics here! My mother made the sweater & hat. Thanks, Nanny! You did a great job.

Okay, you probably don't need to see all these because they're basically the same picture. But I'm sure Nanny will enjoy them:

I tried to get a few of Katherine on her back but she kept instantly rolling over. I did manage to get a few:

A few on her side. She kept trying to eat her hands:


Jeremiah and Stephenie said...

She is delightful! What a sweet blessing!

Raymond Harris said...

She is so cute. I like the way the sweater looks on her, but then again I am the Nanny. Soon she will be growing out of it, glad she could wear it now.
Love Nanny