Monday, March 03, 2014

Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

Jonathan turned eight today! Thank You, Lord, for granting him health this past year. Thank You for continuing to mature him. May he continue to grow in his love for God and for others.

According to Tully birthday tradition, Jonathan picked out our meals for today: breakfast cake (gluten-free of course!) for breakfast with berry yogurt smoothie; tomato soup with cheese and applesauce for lunch; roasted chicken with green beans sauteed in bacon (yum!) and bit of rice. Patricia made this chocolate and peanut butter (gluten-free, sugar-free) cake for dessert. (I'd like to note here that we usually eat WAY MORE veggies during a single day& usually eat a salad every day for lunch but I let Jonathan pick. He requested broccoli salad for dinner but we ran out of ingredients.)

Jonathan's big gift this year was a bike. Yeah! We also gave Patricia her birthday gift (a bike) early so that all of the children could enjoy riding together. I went out for a bit with the younger children but it was too cold for my blood so I brought the younger ones in while the older four remained outside for hours. They are going to have fun this summer! (Elizabeth & Abigail have bikes also but I didn't get any pictures of them today.)
 (I'd like to just insert here that Jonathan does own socks. He doesn't like to wear them though. I have to purposefully set them out & usually remind him to put them on. He does tend to remember them more when he wears his cowboy boots, which he prefers anyway. He told me we should move to Texas so he can wear boots all of the time.)

Thanks, Dad and Mom and Russell for coming over to celebrate with us tonight! Jonathan fell asleep listening to the audiobook you bought him. Actually, all of the children were listening to it when they went to bed. :)

And of course, you wouldn't want to go away without a few pics of Katherine! I snapped these today while she was napping. Doesn't she look angelic? Oh, be still my heart!

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