Sunday, June 01, 2014


I took Katherine out on the deck to get some pictures of her feet. I'll just feed her at the same time, I thought. Well... I never got those feet shots because this happen:

I decided to roll with it & I'm so glad I did. What fun she had! Avocado is by far her favorite food & if I add a bit of salt & lime, she's even more thrilled. :) She prefers avocado & veggies over fruit- what a good girl she is!

And after this last shot, I took her in for a much needed bath.

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Jeanelle said...

I love the 3rd shot of Katherine! So incredibly cute!! Avocado was one of the first foods I fed all my babies. They loved it too. Funny as they got older they went through a time of not liking it but now all but Kathryn Love it.

Next time you & Eric go to Cheesecake Factory you have to try their guacamole with freshly made tortilla chips. Amazing! You and Eric won't be able to finish it.