Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Happy birthday, Patricia!

She turned 14 today! We're celebrating tomorrow night but she enjoyed Starbucks on the way to piano & a evening at the park with her family. I'll post more pictures tomorrow.

Patricia, you're a beautiful young lady inside & out. Your tender heart for the Lord humbles me. We love you!

(As a side note, it struck me today that I got married at 19... that's only 5 years away for Patricia. Not that I'm planning on her marrying at that age. As Eric put it, let's not even talk about it! ;) I'm just struck by how fleeting our time with her could be. Maybe it will be longer- only the Lord knows what He has planned for her- but, wow, do I want to SLOW down the clock & savor each moment!)

One more quick snapshot of Patricia loving on her youngest sibling:


dawn said...

Happy Birthday Patricia!

heaven minded life said...

Happy birthday Patricia!! You are such a beautiful young lady:) We miss you all very much but are glad you are doing well.

Tully Family said...

We miss everyone too, Lauren! We hope to bisto a Providence soon - I still need to hold your little one!

Tully Family said...

Hope to visit. I can't type well with Katherine banging on my iPad at the same time! :)

Raymond Harris said...

What a blessing it is seeing the Lord working in your life. Love Nanny and PaPa

Hope Arendse said...

I can't believe she is 14! Thanking God for her friendship and the impact she has had on my own girls. Her friendship is so dear to us. Send her our love!

Auntie Jeanelle