Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Review From Last Week (including an ER visit!)

Since I didn't get around to posting an educational report last week (even though we did lessons), I thought I'd share the highlights from the week. For a little over a month now, been attending our sister church because we felt the Lord calling us to worship somewhere closer. We loved attending Providence church & it's people are so dear but the hour long drive has prevented us from being apart of evening worship on Sundays, fellowship with God's people & serving His body. We still miss "our church" as Abigail calls it but we've been blessed to attend Covenant. It's TEN MINUTES AWAY!!! WOW!!!

This past week, the children began attending Covenant Classes, a homeschool co-op at church that meets once a week. Eric encouraged me to start slow (something I'm never good at), so we are only taking a few classes this year. Jonathan & Elizabeth will take geography & Bible class. Matthias & Benjamin are taking Latin & Bible. Patricia is taking literature/writing & Bible. The Bible classes are taught by the Pastor, which is awesome! Abigail & Emily do not have any classes this year but I'm planning some special things for us to do.

This past Thursday was orientation for all & classes began for Patricia- she's gonna be stretched in a good way by this teacher! :) They children are THRILLED to have time with their friends & they're excited to have different teachers than mom. :) We've never been apart of a co-op, though our church in Ohio did get together for field trips. I'm praying this is a way to encourage us with fellowship while being a rigorous teaching time. There is a classical bent to this co-op, so it lines up well with what we are doing. It's amazed me how we are in almost the exact spots in our learning with the same curriculum that the co-op is. I'm grateful that they let us join this year, as we made the decision last minute.

The younger children have to wear uniforms, while Patricia has guidelines for her dress. Here they are looking so adorable:

HUGE thanks to my mother, who came over & watched the youngest two children this day so I could use her car to get us back & forth to classes (I had to make a few trips). Our van broke down last week and was out of commission for a few days while we waited for parts to come in. I'm so grateful that Eric was able to fix it himself. Benjamin found the entire process very exciting... I think Eric & I could have done without all the excitement (& expense). :)

Talking of excitement... things never are dull around here for long! On Thursday evening, while taking the trash out, Benjamin sliced his ankle on a broken piece of glass. (That I had put in the trash & forgotten to tell him about- talk about MAJOR mama guilt!) The cut was deep & long so we had to rush him to the ER for a few stitches. Thank you, Dad for coming over & being here with the other children:

I wish the DR had put in more stitches, as we've had problems with the cut bleeding. Did you notice the magazine Benjamin is holding in the first pic? It's a food magazine of course! He inputted a ton of recipes onto my phone for me to try. :)

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Raymond Harris said...

So good to hear that the children love the co op at church. Understand the long day and of course the not worship as much.
Leave to Benjamin! Praying that he is better.
Spending the day with Katie and Emma was a time to have all to ourself .