Friday, October 03, 2014

Lest I Forget: Emily

I hope I never forget how chatty you are right now. You like to sit in this chair next to my big windows in my room while I nurse & rock your little sister before she sleeps. We meet here several times during the day. You talk and we listen. Sometimes you're suppose to be sleeping so you're not sitting in the chair but you're still talking from your spot on my bed or the floor. You prefer sitting on the chair because you still like to be CLOSE to me. And that makes me happy. Most of the time. ;)

I hope I never forget your wonder at life. You're constantly gasping, oohhing and awwing over something. You think you're pretty funny.

I hope I never forget how adorable your chunky cheeks are. Or how adorable your ringlets are. We're pretty sure you're going to have hair like your big sister Elizabeth. I hope you all treasure it- seems like us girls can never be happy with the hair we are given. I hope I never forget how scrumptious it is to smooch on you!

I hope I never forget to say I love you! 'Cause I do- bunches & bunches! And lastly, I hope I never forget how when I say, "I love you, Em" you immediately reply, "I love you! And Daddy! And Katie-Bug!" (You often go on to name your other siblings but you always mention Daddy & Katherine, as you like to call her, Katie-Bug.)

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