Friday, December 26, 2014

Looking Back: September Birthdays

Today, I finally finished ALL of my editing from 2014! Yahoo! For some reason, I shared this quick post but skipped over doing a more detailed post of Abigail & Katherine's birthdays. So, here you go!

First off, everyone kept asking me if Abigail didn't like having to share her birthday with her sister. She LOVED it!!! In her mind, it just made the day more special. We expect that mindset to continue. :) We did make a point to make two sets of cupcakes so they could each have their own special treat. The girls all enjoyed helping Patricia bake & decorate them:

We enjoyed lunch out. Abigail chose Fridays, which has the benefit of a gluten-free menu. :) Soda was a special treat & boy, did she like it:

After lunch, we took the children bowling for the first time. It was a lot of fun (though Katherine was pretty fussy- that girl needed a NAP!):

And then back home to eat cupcakes & open gifts with my parents & brother. You'll notice Katherine loved her first taste of sweets:

A long, fun day! :)

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Jeanelle said...

What a fun day! Give them birthday squeezes from us!!