Saturday, January 17, 2015

First Project of 2015!

Last night I completed my first sewing project of 2015! Yahoo!

I'm (slowly) working on doing an embroidery piece from ClementinePatterns for each season for our dinning room. I now have fall & winter finished & I've already started spring.

It's great fun to find ways to get more scripture references sprinkled throughout the house!


Raymond Harris said...

It looks so nice. I really like her patterns. Yeah for you for finishing your project. lvm

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! Do you need to already know how to do embroidery to complete one of these kits, or would this be an opportunity to learn how?

(PS - I'm a terrible commenter, but I still love keeping up with your precious family. And did I ever tell you that we are a Tapestry family now? We are in love! You are the first person I ever talked to about it!)

Tully Family said...

mamathreads, so good to hear from you! I'm horrible about commenting on your blog but I read it! We've got to try to meet up sometime!

Anyway, you could do one of their patterns or kits after practicing a bit- they are not complicated. I have a few favorite books that I used to self-teach. Whenever I come across a new stitch, I just grabbed some old material & practiced. You can do it!!!

Raymond Harris said...

Oh I forgot to tell how glad that I am to see that winter embroidery done Yeah for you. lvm